Shopping bags and advertising gadgets in one

Paper shopping bags produced by Allbag are 100% recycled product. It is a very popular and durable product, which can be used for example in grocery stores, gastronomy, hypermarkets, where they can be used for packing food (as they are certified). They are a combination of low price and durability.

Paper bags with or without a handle - choose your shopping bag

Our paper bags are manufactured with great care and precision. This is because we know that their aesthetics and functionality is of great importance to the customer. Our offer includes paper bags with a flat handle, in two standard colors: white (basis weight 80 g/m2) and brown (basis weight 70 g/m2). The paper is certified for contact with food, therefore the bags are perfect for grocery stores, restaurants and hypermarkets. Their strength is 5-8kg.

A proposal for loose and small articles are shopping bags with paper weight of 70 g/m2 (white and brown). Another solution are gusseted bags (white and brown), which are available in 3 different sizes and are most often used by bakeries, wholesalers, industrial and chemical stores. They can also be used for packing loose products and small gifts. Both of these proposals are also certified for contact with food.

The most popular are paper shopping bags with twisted handle, which we produce in 10 colors: white, brown, maroon, black, red, navy blue, orange, dark green, light green and yellow. These bags are very popular among customers because of their capacity, higher load capacity and higher grammage than bags with a flat handle. Moreover, these bags are available in 11 different sizes. So they can be a packaging for products, as well as a perfect advertising gadget. Apart from that - from 50 pieces we can offer printing of logo, advertising slogan or other images - using one of three methods: digital printing, flexographic printing, screen printing, and rollenco. Need inexpensive printed packaging? We invite you to place an order for ecological shopping bags!

Choose wisely and end your platics now!

There is no doubt that eco-friendly bags disqualify plastic bags in terms of environmental safety. However, there are several other important issues, so when listing the advantages of AllBag paper bags, it is worth mentioning that:

  • They are 100% ecological products. This is confirmed by the paper bag approvals,they are environmentally friendly, firstly due to the fact that many of them are produced from recycled materials,
  • Secondly, they decompose much faster than plastic bags, which take almost 300 years to decompose.
  • In contrast to plastic, the paper bag is much more durable, which makes it suitable for repeated use.
  • The food safety approvals confirm that food products can be stored in them. Therefore, our bags are constantly used in the food industry, in bakeries and stores.
  • They are versatile. While a paper bag can be a beautiful gift wrapping, it is also suitable for shopping, carrying books or advertising materials.
  • They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Thanks to this everyone will find one that will hold the appropriate amount of things.
  • They come in many different variants, with or without printing. The possibility of printing makes it possible to change an ordinary paper package into an aesthetic gadget. From among various printing methods, the customer can choose the one that suits him best.
  • Great potential is seen in them by advertising industry. Paper bags are a perfect base for company's advertising message. You can put your logo or company name on them and in this way build brand awareness.

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